Watch Andi Billington’s webinar on Coping with multiple sclerosis. Andi gives helpful ways in handling a diagnosis and going forward.

Receiving a diagnosis of MS can send you off-track and disconnected from your life and path before.  Loss of health is akin to losing a loved one.  Grief is a predominant process and emotion which should be acknowledged and allows to happen in its various forms.  There are ‘Stepping Stones’ to help you to get back on track and feeling in control.

Stepping Stones

  • Expressing our feelings and being kind to ourselves.  Acknowledging how difficult this experience is.  Rate your mood on a 1-10 scale and recognize when you need to seek help from someone trusted or support line such as 1737. 
  • Building a support network – connecting to others. Include people who you can be real and honest with and are good listeners – this is particularly important as many symptoms of MS are invisible.  Use MS Auckland including the Community Advisors, support groups and peer support.  Connect with social and community groups you had before.  Show kindness – volunteer or engage random acts of kindness.  Learn to feel in control.
  • Focusing on health and wellbeing and caring for ourselves
  • Use the PLEASE model to check in with yourself

PL physical – your regular checkups, dental etc

E exercise

A alcohol (limit)

S sleep, including total muscle relaxation

E eating

  • Managing time – taking charge of our routine. Building and managing a new routine around the new normal