Judith in wheelchair with her supporter Amy giving her a hug

Our Role: Supporting the MS community

Multiple sclerosis is a complex condition which can impact many facets of life.  MS Auckland has been helping people navigate through home life, transport, social service, employment, wellbeing, lifestyle, fatigue, mobility, housing and more for over 50 years.

Our specialised experience of helping people living with MS in Auckland helps people feel in control of their MS journey.  Our community connections and support programmes help with resilience and confidence.  We know the value in sharing tips and tricks – and even a laugh – with others who simply ‘get it’.

MS Auckland exists to help you, whether you are:

  • Living with a diagnosis of MS
  • Waiting for a diagnosis with respect to MS
  • Close to a person with MS, such as whānau or friends
  • Caregiver to a person with MS
  • Employer to a person with MS
Diagram showing MS Auckland's services and strategy

Our Mission: “Connecting today, Inspiring tomorrow”

MS Auckland’s kaupapa (founding principles) are:

  1. Every person newly diagnosed with MS has a kete of support and information to enable them to understand and manage their condition well
  2. Every person with MS and their whanau have all the support, guidance, connections, strategies and advocacy they need for life-long management of their MS
  3. MS Auckland strives towards a future where multiple sclerosis is normalised and understood and those impacted by the condition are fully supported and resourced to live full lives

Our Story: Supporting since 1964

MS Auckland Society was founded by Alice and Bill Cole in 1964, with a voluntary field officer.  It now has eight staff members, around 30 volunteers and is overseen by a voluntary Board.

Over the past 55 years, since MS Auckland began, we have been supporting people with multiple sclerosis, and their whanau, friends, carers and employers.

Through the individualised guidance of our Community Advisor service, support and connection programmes, information events and workshops, we have been able to pursue our vision of people with MS ‘Living a full life’.

Our Programmes

There are three primary aspects to the work that MS Auckland does – inform and guide, support & connect, and promote wellness.

Inform & guide
Support & Connect
  • Peer Support – one on one mentoring
  • Connection to relevant programs and services in your area via our knowledgeable Community Advisors
  • Community events and awareness programmes including World MS Day and MS Awareness Week
  • Support groups – by location or situation
Promote Wellness
  • Counselling programmes – individual or group
  • Exercise support fund – assistance with cost of MS-specific group exercise programmes
  • Advocacy efforts – collaborate with MSNZ to ensure needs of MS community are heard and support best possible access and support
  • Help navigating local health and community services
  • Practical assistance finding income and employment support, financial planning and more
  • Wellness events

All our services and programmes are confidential and free of charge.

Join our community today!

We warmly welcome you to join MS Auckland – free of charge, without commitment, and with full respect for your privacy.