Join MS Auckland and play a vital role in helping people with MS live well. Membership is open to anyone who supports this objective including people with MS, family members, friends, and health professionals. The more members we have the better we can understand and support our community through information, direct support, and community awareness.

Joining MS Auckland is easy. There are two main types of membership:

  • A General Membership – There is no cost to join to be a general member. Simply complete our membership form here.
  • A Subscribing Member – You can become a subscribing member by filling out our membership form here and making a donation or by becoming a regular giver. You can also pay the membership fee set by the Board each year to be a subscribing member. The membership fee is $20/year and can be paid here. All Subscribing members are able to vote at AGMs and Special Meetings.

We encourage you to consider becoming a subscribing member with a donation or through regular giving. All donations are tax deductible for you and for us do not incur a GST payment. It’s a win/win situation. All donations are greatly appreciated and help ensure the on-going activities supporting people affected by MS.

Life Membership is also still available for purchase. Email us at to enquire about becoming a paid Life Member.

Benefits of your MS Auckland membership:

  • Regular communication – news, events, workshops, and more
  • One on one support from a Community Advisor (if you have MS). Click here for more information on our Community Advisor and other Services we provide for people with MS
  • Access to our programmes and services
  • Being part of an active community of people who understand what is like to live with MS or be affected by MS

We welcome you to join the MS Auckland Community – complete the membership form today!