Exercise, while essential for general health and well-being, is also very helpful in managing many MS symptoms. Some of the benefits of aerobic exercise for people living with MS include improvements in cardiovascular fitness; strength; bladder and bowel function; fatigue; mood, cognitive function; bone density; and flexibility.

MS Auckland contracted Gilly Davy, Senior neurological physiotherapist at Connect Neuro and founder of the ‘MS Get a Head Start’ programme to provide live exercise classes via Zoom in August 2020. These sessions were very popular and recordings of the sessions are available here for you to participate in.

In February 2021, we took the opportunity to Zoom exercise classes with Laura Audley, who instructs our Lloyd Elsmore and Manurewa Hydrotherapy classes. These classes were excellent. With further lockdowns in March, we continue with Laura’s Zoom exercise classes until we are back in level 1 again. If you missed the classes, or wish to participate again, recorded sessions are here.