Our wonderful member panel from MS Auckland share their unique experiences on family life and living with MS in this webinar, Whānau and MS.

Heartfelt exploration of diverse family experiences with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). From Rochelle and Amit’s journey having MS and a family, to Treasa’s insights as a spouse navigating the complexities of MS-related grief, and Sarah’s unique perspective on being diagnosed during pregnancy. We also hear from Claire, who grew up with a parent with MS. These personal narratives offer a nuanced understanding of how MS impacts family life, resilience strategies, and the discovery of new paths.

Video Summary

  • Length – 1 hour
  • Rochelle offers a heartfelt account of her life as a mother of three, navigating the intricate challenges posed by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She intricately shares her experience of disclosing the MS diagnosis to her children and reflects on the impact it had on her family.
  • Amit recounts his personal story of being diagnosed at the age of 22, navigating the complexities of becoming a father, and the unique challenges of having young children. He shares the intricacies of disclosing his MS diagnosis to his family.
  • Treasa shares her perspective as a supportive spouse to someone with MS, shedding light on the emotional nuances of grief within the family and the complexities of ambiguous grief. Sarah’s Path:
  • Sarah’s narrative unfolds as she reflects on being diagnosed with MS during pregnancy. Sarah also shares her journey of adapting to a new lifestyle and career post-diagnosis.
  • Claire offers a unique perspective, growing up with a parent facing MS. She details the changes within the household and the challenges and growth that come with navigating life with a parent affected by MS.

This webinar series is made possible thanks to our friends at Roche

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