Nicola Duncan head shot

Nicola Duncan from Hearts and Minds is a registered counsellor and has considerable experience in relationship counselling, loss, conflict, depression and anxiety.

Navigate relationship challenges with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by mastering conflict resolution. Learn to separate MS from the individual, practice assertiveness, and employ the DESK method for effective communication. Gain insights into handling difficult conversations and advanced problem-solving.

Explore strategies for maintaining intimacy, including the Five Levels of Communication. Understand the significance of body language in relationships.

Video Summary

  • Length – 45 minutes
  • challenges to the relationship due to illness
  • skilfully navigating conflict
    • Separate MS from the person
    • Assertiveness explained
    • Tips for handling difficult conversations
    • DESK method
    • Advanced Problem Solving
  • Maintaining Intimacy
  • Five Levels of Communication
  • Role of Body Language

This webinar series is made possible thanks to our friends at Roche

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