“I was diagnosed over 7 years ago and my symptoms are limited to numbness in the soles of my hands and feet, sensitivity to cold and fatigue.

Due to the mildness of my symptoms, MS impacts my daily life other ways such as the decisions I make every day to support my wellness.  The food I eat, the exercise I do, the amount of work I take on, the rest I get and the strategies I implement to combat stress and things that life throws at me.

I feel grateful and lucky that MS has created space for me to give more consideration to both my physical and emotional wellbeing. The emotional rollercoaster that is navigating a life changing diagnosis has both challenged and strengthened me equally. I have learnt a lot about my strengths, capabilities and of course limitations.

At first it was really hard to shift out of the negative “woe is me” mindset in to the “what can I do about this” mindset. It was very much a grieving process that presented much like it does when you lose someone close to you. Essentially, I was losing the me as I knew her. But I soon discovered the me that I can be even with an MS diagnosis. In the end I realised that the new me wasn’t that different to the old me – she just needed to accept what was happening to her and start to think about what was still in her scope of influence.

MS Auckland has supported me by giving me an opportunity to connect with others on similar journeys, share my experience in a positive way that supports and benefits others and in turn spurs optimism and hope for our journeys.

The collective support of MS Auckland makes me feel supported and validated even in the mildness of my MS. This disease is so different for everyone but the Society always makes it clear that regardless of your “status” they are there for you and others whatever level of support is needed.”