Adienne's life with MS

Adrienne Bebbington passed away December 2021, at the age of 70. Adrienne, living with multiple sclerosis wanted to leave a legacy behind to help others living with MS.

We believe that Adrienne lived with MS for many years before she was diagnosed. After this Adrienne immersed herself in the MS Auckland community, became a regular face at support groups and events and volunteered for our annual street collection.

Adrienne got much comfort and enjoyment from meeting others at our support groups, and the connection between our Community Advisors and Adrienne was invaluable. This connection also enabled Adrienne to get the external help she needed with mobility, transport, and occupational therapy, regaining the independence that most of us take for granted.

Adienne's generous gift

Adrienne, in her Will gifted MS Auckland her home in Takanini. For this we are extremely grateful, and beholden to safeguard Adrienne’s legacy.

MS Auckland Trust administers any bequest monies for the future proofing and continuity of services of MS Auckland. In turn they grant MS Auckland annually for operational costs, whilst leaving the principle funds secure. During these hard economic times for many charities, Adrienne’s gift is treasured.

Thank you

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, but to leave behind something that will.” – Chuck Palahniuk, author

Adrienne, we thank you sincerely for your most generous gift. It was our privilege to serve and support you over the years, and we are grateful that your legacy will help us continue to help others living with MS.

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