Nicola Bitossi

General Manager

I joined MS Auckland in 2021 following a background in non-profit leadership, international trade development and marketing management.

I’m driven to support the multiple sclerosis community through the health challenges I have faced together with the experience of friends and family faced with this incredibly complex and challenging condition.

I bring a business mentality combined with non-profit and community experience and bucketloads of energy to ensure MS Auckland does all it can to meet the needs of people impacted by MS; and to advance MS Auckland and multiple sclerosis generally.  My leadership style is collaborative and I operate with integrity and transparency – and am always open to comment and challenge!  My door is open so please feel free to get in touch.

In my personal life, I live on the North Shore with my husband and three busy sons.  I whakapapa to Kāi Tahu and am developing my connection with Te Ao Màori.

Office hours: Monday –Friday, 9am – 5pm