Theresa Barrett, Field Representative for St John, specialising in Medical Alarms in the Auckland.

Medical alarms are often used when people are at risk, fearful of falling, or for medical reasons.  These give peace of mind, knowing help can be easily reached if needed, no matter what the reason.  The alarm service provides 24 hour monitoring 7 days/week.

Theresa shows the different types of alarms available, including an “anywhere alarm” pendant that can be used when you’re out with cell phone coverage and the wrist bands or pendants to wear around the neck, that work with a fall activation transmitter within a 350m perimeter radius from base unit.

It talks you through allocating support people as a first and second responder, and what happens until help arrives.

Funding – can apply to WINZ – can be funded under the Disability Allowance, there will be a form for Drs approval (GP to fill out form, also to state that the “anywhere alarm” is needed if that’s the case). WINZ complete an income test, not an asset test.

The alarm gives you St Johns membership without any extra charge.  The St Johns membership gives unlimited ambulance call outs NZ wide.

Video Summary

  • Length – 1 hour
  • Demonstration of equipment and different types of alarms available
  • How the alarms work and connect directly to the St John ambulances
  • Costs and funding
  • The Process of Joining

Remember that your MS Auckland community advisor can refer you for a medical alarm

This webinar series is made possible thanks to our friends at Care on Call

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