Laura Tantrum and Ciara O’Connor- Individualised Funding Coordinator/ Flexible Disability Supports from Care on Call give an insightful presentation on the process of managing in home care.

IF is a funding mechanism that supports tāngata whaikaha Māori and disabled people to manage their own supports, providing people to employ or engage their own support people or provider.

In this webinar you will learn the process and concept of Individualised Funding, individualised package of care, allocation and management, including assessment, accessing service, care plans, options and considerations.

Video Summary

  • Length – 45 minutes
  • Who can get IF – eligibility criteria.
  • What is an IF host/ funding manager?
  • Care on Call as IF host: options and costs.
  • Types of respite: facility based respite, Carer Support and In-home Support.
  • IF used for: home and Community Support Services, which includes help with household management and personal care and respite services (taking a break).
  • Purchases which support Tangata Whai Ora living a good life (examples).Care plan assessment and implementation.
  • Needs assessment review process.
  • Flexibility around IF (personal care, household management and home respite).
  • Purchasing goods and services – national guidelines.

This webinar series is made possible thanks to our friends at Care On Call

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