Fiona d’Young MS Clinical Nurse Specialist at ADHB walks through what happens when you have an infusion from start to finish.

Fiona will cover preparation, infusion administration, medication information, side effects if any and practical hints and tips.

Video Summary

  • Length – 45 minutes
  • Preparation for infusion day.
    • Prepare for your time in the infusion clinic by having some entertainment to pass the time, wear comfortable clothing and allow enough time, so you don’t feel anxious that you need to be elsewhere.
  • Receiving the medication.
    • To make receiving the medication as easy as possible ensure you are well hydrated so your veins are plump and allow easy access, however if your veins are shy there are other things the infusion nurses try to help your veins for example, hot packs.
  • The medication – what is it.
    • Fiona explains how the infusion medicines work to prevent further relapses and how you are monitored to ensure you remain healthy.
  • Fiona answers some of the members questions regarding the infusion process.


This webinar series is made possible thanks to our friends at Care on Call

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