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Thank you for joining the MS Auckland Community.

It is estimated that there are approximately 1,000 people living in Auckland with MS. We think however that this is a very low estimate and that there are many more people living with MS and living well with MS.

Our goal as an organisation is to have everyone with MS listed and part of our community. This will let us know exactly how many people there are. With a bit more information, we will also know age groups, age of diagnosis, and treatment options. All this helps us in beginning to understand the community more and will lead us in being able to best service the community.

We also wish to engage with family members, friends and health professionals and open our community up to everyone who supports our objective – People with MS living well.

When you join us you decide how much contact you have with us and you can change this at any time by requesting more or less contact or no contact at all.

If you have MS you will have a Community Advisor make contact with you shortly after joining. If you wish, a home visit can be scheduled for the first contact. You decide how much further contact you need.

The MS Community Advisors (MSCAs) work closely with the medical team, but are not medical experts. They are your support people who understand MS and the services in the community that can best support you.

The MSCAs are able to provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • A home visit so you and your family can ask questions and learn more about MS in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Follow up visits and appointments as required
  • Referrals to a variety of health services including counselling services
  • Information on community support and services
  • Information on alternative treatments, lifestyle and medication
  • Assistance with advocacy
  • And much more

There are also support groups operating throughout the region each month. These groups enable people to network and meet with others also living with MS and their families. New groups can be formed as demand grows – for instance for new mums groups, evening groups, walking groups etc.

MS Auckland provides an e-newsletter each month and a magazine 3 times a year. You can opt to receive one, both or none of these. There are also a number of workshops, programmes, speakers and activities planned through the year which you may find interesting and choose to attend.

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