After you have provided for your loved ones, consider leaving a gift in your Will to support the ongoing work of MS Auckland.

There is much that Multiple Sclerosis Auckland can do, but we need your help. By remembering Multiple Sclerosis Auckland in your Will you are helping people with MS to thrive well into the future. No matter how small or large the financial gift, property or asset you choose to give, you are helping people with MS in a very tangible way.  In your Will, you can choose to gift Multiple Sclerosis Auckland:

All or part of the residue from your Estate

A nominated percentage of your Estate

A specific gift such as an amount of money or piece of property.

If you don’t have a Will:

A Will is an important document so it should be prepared by a legal professional. It’s important to discuss options and specific wording with your legal advisor to make sure your Will reflects your wishes clearly, giving specific guidance on how you want your assets and personal belongings distributed when you pass away.

If you already have a Will:

If you would like to include a gift to MS Auckland in your existing Will, you can make a simple modification by adding a codicil (a codicil is a supplement to a Will that is intended to alter or modify it). To make sure your codicil is legal, we recommend it is checked and approved by a qualified legal professional.

We suggest the following wording for your Will:

“I give and bequeth to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Auckland and the North Shore Incorporated (CC10863) ________% or the sum of $________of my estate, (or) residue of my estate, (or) property or assets for general purposes as follows



free of all charges. The official receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised officer of MS Auckland shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors.” 

You can let us know about the bequest:

There is no requirement to tell us that you’re leaving a gift in your Will to MS Auckland.  However we would like to make sure that your generous giving is suitably thanked and acknowledged in your lifetime.  Deciding to tell us about your gift can also be a good thing if your Will is challenged.  If we’re in a position to demonstrate that we have a relationship with you, your wishes are less likely to amended by the court. 

Strictest confidence guaranteed:

Any gift inquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence by MS Auckland.  We will respect your wishes if you choose to remain anonymous.

 Click Here for our simple Step-by-Step guide to leaving a gift in your Will.

For further information about leaving a gift in your Will please contact:

MS Auckland
(09) 845 5921

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