What’s the first thing people do to find information? We search on the internet. 

We live in an age where information is at the touch of our fingertips but sometimes the amount of information can be overwhelming. Catherine, one of our Community Advisors keeps up to date on MS and MS treatments and offers a list of websites worth visiting:

Professor Giovannoni, neurologist and the Centre Lead for Neuroscience and Trauma at the Blizard Institute in London answers common questions particularly around the priority topic of COVID-19 and MS: https://sites.google.com/giovannoni.net/clinicspeak-dmt/home

A really useful blog that interprets MS research news: https://multiple-sclerosis-research.org/

MS translate is an Australian based website where a scientist looks at various areas of research into MS.  In their words, MS translate covers everything from the cell to the self, connecting people through content & conversation: https://mstranslate.com.au/

Shift MS is a forum and social network website for people with Multiple Sclerosis so the people commenting are usually others living with MS. It’s MS forum has thousands of members, it’s independent, and it’s free: https://shift.ms/