Welcome to MS Auckland Hydrotherapy Group

Thank you for joining us as a volunteer for our hydrotherapy classes. These groups cannot run without our volunteers and we appreciate your time and support.

Hydrotherapy classes are run by a trained physiotherapist who has experience with Multiple Sclerosis and hydrotherapy. The physiotherapist will lead the class in specific exercises suitable for all members and may instruct the class in or out of the water, depending on what they feel is most beneficial for that class.

There will be some variance between classes across different pools as they are run by different physiotherapists. However, below are a few guidelines that would apply across the groups that will help you and the group to get the most out of your time volunteering.


  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the class to help the physiotherapist set up any equipment and to assist swimmers getting to the pool from the changing room.
  • Please remain out of the water until all swim belts are on each client correctly and to assist anyone who needs support getting into the pool. With the larger groups, where we have more than one volunteer, it works best to have a volunteer in the water and one out at the beginning of a lesson and just before the end.
  • During the class, it is great to have help in the water with the exercises. Sometimes a helping hand is required to enable swimmers to physically do the exercise, and/or for motivation.
  • At the end of the class, some swimmers may need assistance in taking off their swim belts and finding a seat or their wheelchair to rest for a while. Quite often at the end of a class some swimmers are exhausted, so please keep an attentive eye during the class.
  • At the end of the class and once all swimmers are out of the pool, please help with putting equipment (boards and swim belts) back into storage.

Getting in and out of the pool

There are hoists operating at all pool groups so if a swimmer is unable to get in or out of the pool even with the help of a volunteer, we are able to use the hoist.  A lifeguard will be on hand to help with this, but you may be required to help too.  Some swimmers may just need a steady hand getting up and down the stairs or into/out of the pool but the physiotherapist will be able to clarify who may need this help.

Volunteer schedule

Occasionally we are lucky to have more volunteers than required. In these cases a rotating schedule will be written by the lead volunteer of the class and communicated to all other volunteers. Please let the lead volunteer or Community Advisor know if you are unable to make any of the sessions – as much notice as possible is appreciated.

Thank you so much for volunteering and we hope you enjoy your time. The hydrotherapy classes have so many benefits for our members so thank you for helping make this happen.

If you have any questions just call us at the office on 09 845 5921 or email info@msakl.org.nz or you can ask the physiotherapist or Community Advisor at the pool group.