2020 Hydrotherapy starting dates back are:

Manurewa  - 12th February
Lloyd Elsmore - 11th February
Epsom Girls - 13th February
WestWave - 14th February
Diocesan Girls - 15th February
North Shore - TBC

Multiple Sclerosis Auckland facilitates a number of Hydrotherapy (water walking) classes across the Auckland region.  We contract with three local providers who are qualified and experienced in rehabilitation of people with MS.       

Rope Neuro Rehabilitation, contact Julie Rope: 09 623 8433
Physio Rehab Group, contact Kelly Jenkins: 09 524 0633
Neuro Rehab Results, contact Suzie Mudge: 09 480 6464
Hydrotherapy is extremely beneficial to people with Multiple Sclerosis as many are unable to continue with regular exercise. The workouts focus on whole body workouts, rather than isolated areas of the body. The water is warm and non-weight bearing so is good for pain, especially chronic pain and allows joint stiffness to be released.
These classes are as much a social outing as they are an exercise class providing a friendly and supportive environment.
All people with MS are welcome to attend any of the groups listed in any area.
If you are interested please contact the Community Advisor in the area first to arrange your first visit. 
The hydrotherapy classes are also open to people with other neurological conditions, after assessment from the groups physiotherapist facilitator (our contracted providers who lead the sessions) as being suitable, and provided that the session is not at full capacity. 
“Late in 2016 I started attending a weekly neurological hydrotherapy class run by MS Auckland. My motivation was to try and get more strength in my legs, and improve my balance. I have only been going for a few weeks but I can tell already that the hydrotherapy is helping me so much.
At the first session I couldn’t do some of the exercises very easily but even after 5 sessions I am getting much better. My stamina and balance are improving. I find going to the class is much more motivating than trying to do exercises at home alone, and with the physiotherapist leading the group I know I am doing things safely and correctly. Plus being in the water means I don’t get too hot (which is a no-no for my legs) and I can sustain the exercises for longer – on land I’d fall over pretty quickly!
It is also a place where I can talk about my MS with other people who understand and also just chat to a nice group of friendly people. Some of the people in my class have been attending for a long time, but they’ve been really welcoming of a newbie. So if anyone is thinking about attending I’d say – “Just do it – you won’t regret it!”
P - Central
My Field Worker got me involved with the Hydrotherapy exercise group. This has changed my life! These groups are fabulous for keeping me fit and moving as water frees you from gravity. I have met up with some others and made some good friends through being involved with hydrotherapy. We encourage and motivate each other.
D - South
Lloyd Elsmore Pool
Sir Lloyd Drive Pakuranga
11.00am - 12.00 pm 
Contact: Priyanka Kumar 09 845 5921 Ext 220 / 021 845 903
Manurewa Leisure 
Sykes Road Manurewa
11.00am - 12.00 noon
Contact: Priyanka Kumar 09 845 5921 Ext 220 / 021 845 903 
Epsom Girls
Silver Road Epsom
10.30am - 11.30am
Contact: Luminita Apostol 09 845 5921 Ext 222 / 021 959 187
West Wave Pool
20 Alderman Drive, Henderson
10.00am - 11.00am 
Contact: Lucy Reade 09 845 5921 Ext 221 / 021 959 189

Diocesan Girls
Clyde Street Epsom
10.00 am - 11.00 am 
Contact: Luminita Apostol 09 845 5921 Ext 222 / 021 959 187