Community Advisor Services

MS Auckland Region provides a free service of experienced and qualified Community Advisors to support people with MS in the Greater Auckland area.

Our Community Advisors provide information and education to people with MS, their families, carers, friends and employers. We are also here to provide support, advice or referrals for issues related to MS.

We are able to meet with you at your home, work, or any place of your choice, and we can be contacted by phone, fax or email.

Our Community Advisory Service is private and confidential. In addition to our varied professional qualifications and experience, we attend annual training workshops provided by the MS Society of New Zealand.

Some of the areas we provide assistance to people with MS include:

  • discussing a diagnosis of MS and what this means for you, your family and for the future
  • providing up-to-date knowledge of MS and management of this condition
  • advocacy
  • counselling and support
  • referral to other agencies and health professionals
  • supporting partners, carers, families, friends, employers and work colleagues
  • facilitating support groups and networks where appropriate
  • conducting assessment of needs, such as for the Total Mobility Scheme
  • liaising with other services providers, such as Income Support and home care agencies.

Your Rights

The MS Auckland Region Community Advisor Service complies with the Aoteraoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics and the Privacy Act, and we respect the Rights of our Clients. Please read our Complaints Procedure if you wish to make a complaint about our Service.



“My Community Advisor has always been a strong support for me. During my MS relapses, with working issues, or important family matters, she has provided amazing support and been a calm listener.” She has become a good friend who I know I can contact anytime with any stressful, important or urgent matters”.
R – North Shore

“Without the MS Auckland Community Advisor, I would not have known what to do. She saved us. I do not know what we would have done without her.”
J – North Shore

“My Community Advisor has always been there for me, regularly ringing me or visiting me.  Last year I had a massive relapse and I was hospitalised for some months, she brought me a wheelchair on discharge for as long as I needed it as I didn’t qualify for one through the Ministry of Health.  MS Auckland also runs Wellness Workshops and other support groups which I attend from time to time. Currently I am attending the fatigue support workshop. My Community Advisor also helped to arrange some home help and carer support for me which has helped me to conserve a lot of my energy so that I can be a mum to my 3 boys. I don’t know what I would do without my Community Advisor or Multiple Sclerosis Auckland.”
M - South

“For myself, I find my Community Advisor is often the only person I can speak to regarding my brother’s condition as few people understand the devastating effects of this disease. Her job is overwhelming but it is done with cheerfulness, humour and very little funding.
My sincere thanks to you all.”

H - West
“The support I have had from my Community Advisor who visits me at home could not be more helpful. We receive regular visits and if there is a special need such as when I recently broke my arm, she provides extra supporting visits and phone calls. Being a nurse herself she knows all the medical information as well the ability and knowledge to provide advice on services such as District Health Board Continence Nurse, Physiotherapists and Needs Assessors; AUT Neuro-physiotherapists; ACC Case Managers; Accessible who provide the equipment needed for my day to day support; and the various sources of supplements such as Vitamin D3. If she is not sure of any information she will soon ferret it out for me.

MS Auckland provides and arranges many services including the use of a wheelchair when I needed more than a walking stick; Hydrotherapy classes at various pools throughout Auckland with Neurophysiotherapists running the classes and volunteers to help, which is so beneficial to me as it increases my fitness, balance and strength. I attend these classes and thoroughly enjoy the company of the other water walkers especially as we finish the sessions with morning tea afterwards and a chat.”
D - Central