Tuesday, September 12, 2017

e-newsletter September 2017

e-newsletter September 2017


Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ - Robin Williams

I love springtime and I love a party, although at the moment I have to confess to looking forward more to quiet hours of reflection of events past and planning for the future than I am to partying! Perhaps that’s a sign of the busy few months we have had – or perhaps it’s just a reflection of my age!

Our Awareness Week and Street Appeal are now over for another year. We rely heavily on the Street Appeal to support our work, while at the same time realising that Street Appeal days may be limited. This year 14 of our prime sites turned us down, as they no longer want collectors outside their shop. We therefore had two-thirds fewer sites than last time but still had difficulty in getting enough volunteers to man them. It is likely that our income this year will be at least two- thirds lower than last time. Money is still coming in, so we don’t have a total yet for Street Appeal, however some of our volunteers have remarked that it seemed like not as many people were giving, and those that did, did not seem to give as much.

I can’t see us giving up Street Appeal just yet, however we will have to think of what else we can do next year to jazz it up and get more volunteers and donors. I would be keen to hear from anyone that has any ideas for this, or for any fundraising ventures.

Our Fatigue workshop planned to start on the 9th of September has had to go on hold for a few weeks, as Carol, our course facilitator got called away on urgent family matters. We hope everything is okay and that Carol can start the course in October.

Read on to learn more about the news and events for the coming month.

In this issue:

1.MS Energise –launch of the mobile app focusing on fatigue

2.Wellness Workshop 30th September

3.Special Guest Speaker from Italy on Stem Cell Treatments for MS - Save the date - October 18

4.Scholarships available – Mastering Mountains

5.Facebook and Website

1. MS Energise App for iphone

It’s here! MS Energise is a brand new app that focuses specifically on fatigue, the most disabling symptom of MS! It has just been launched after a number of years of research. Information on MS Energise can be found on their website – https://msenergise.com/

As their website states:

Fatigue is the most disabling, invisible multiple sclerosis symptom which is experienced by majority of MS patients and it affects all spheres of their lives. MS Energise uses clinically proven approach to help MS patients to maximise their energy.


2. ‘Taking charge of cognitive changes’ – workshop with Dr John Davison

3. Save the date18th October – Dr Riccardo Saccardi talks on HSCT (Stem Cell Treatment)

We are absolutely delighted to confirm that Dr Riccardo Saccardi, a specialist on Stell Cell Treatment (HSCT) for people with MS, will be in Auckland on the 18th of October and will be presenting a talk in the evening for anyone interested to hear more about it. He is speaking in Sydney at the conference and MS Research Australia have kindly offered to fly him to New Zealand to give us the opportunity to hear from him as well.

We are just confirming the venue and will have more details available soon. In the meantime keep the evening of Wednesday 18 October free. This will be an opportunity not to be missed.


4. Mastering Mountains Scholarship

Nick Allen lives with MS and mastered his mountain. We featured him in our March 2016 magazine. Thanks to Nick scholarships are now available to others to provide a financial boost to help them master their mountains, whatever that might be. Perhaps a run, perhaps a swim, perhaps a cycle, or perhaps your mountain is something completely different. MSNZ administers the scholarships. Download  Applications and Guidelines. You can also go to the MSNZ website or talk to your Field Worker for more information. Applications close at the end of October.



5. MS Auckland Facebook and website

Please take a moment now to ‘Like’ our Facebook page and to check out our website.

Some people continue to be confused by the two different organisations – MS Auckland and MSNZ. We look the same and are branded the same, and we support each other, yet we have very different roles to play and are two separate and independent organisations.

MSNZ is located in Christchurch. They have 2 people in the office with the key mandate of advocating at a national level for systemic change that will help people with MS.

MS Auckland is located in Auckland and supports people living with MS at a day to day level. We work with the hospital team in providing the community outreach with the aim that all people with MS in Auckland and their families receive the best services possible. Our key services are our Field Workers who provide home visits, individual advocacy services and a wide range of other support. We also provide a range of other services for people with MS including hydrotherapy classes, support groups, and a wide range of workshops and seminars throughout the year.

MS Auckland, is the largest MS society in NZ and supports the work of the MSNZ society. We work closely with them for Awareness campaigns, advocacy work, and for distributing information. Both organisations need to fundraise to support their vital work, as we receive very little from the government. Some people donate to both organisations, however we have found that sometimes people donate to MSNZ and think that they are donating to the Auckland services. Hopefully this has helped to clear things up. If you would like more information please feel free to drop us a line.

Keep well, good people!

Until next time,

Ingrid Minett
General Manager