Tuesday, October 18, 2016

e-newsletter September 2016

e-newsletter September 2016

Hello springtime!

I’ve just returned from a lovely two weeks in North America where I enjoyed the sunny summer weather. I’m sure I brought some of it back with me for our beautiful first day of spring.

As usual there are lots of exciting events and activities happening. As I write this we are having our first day of our annual Street Appeal with collectors throughout the Auckland Region raising money and awareness of MS. A big thank you to all our volunteers! Organising Street Appeal is a mammoth effort and it is so heart-warming to see so many people, groups, schools, and organisations coming forward to support MS. Please if you see collectors this weekend, be sure to greet them and thank them for their great work. Francesca has coordinated the event this year. If you would like to find out where people will be, or perhaps find out if you can still help out please call her on 022 0178 278.

In this issue:

1. Awareness Week – Check out the first of 3 new videos developed to raise awareness of MS

2. New MS Posters

3. Bike the Bridge – Sunday 13th November

4. Wellness Workshop – 15th October

1. New Videos

Last month we told you how we teamed up with the creative team at Attitude for a series of MS Awareness videos. We were thrilled also to have Briar March, the award winning documentary maker, direct the videos. The first of the 3 videos has now been released, just in time for MS Awareness week and has already made a great impact, nationally and internationally, with thousands of views, likes, comments and shares. We would like to acknowledge the four stars of the video - Jonas, Mandy, Judith and Julie -who allowed the film crew into their lives and told their stories of living with MS. Judith’s daughter, Amy, also appears prominently in the video. Thank you also to Amanda at MSNZ who provided wonderful national support of this campaign and obtained the funding support of Pub Charity Ltd.

Check out the video here. It makes quite an impact in just one and a half minutes. An even shorter version has been edited to be played in the BNZ banks over the month of September on their community noticeboard. Check out the community noticeboard version here.

The videos are also on our website.

The main aim of this video is to raise awareness of what MS means. Please share, share, share these videos as far and wide as possible!

2. New MS Posters

Have you seen the new MS Posters? This year they are not dated so we hope to use them over a few years. They feature our video stars and bring a real face to MS. If you would like to order some to hang in your community or workspace please let us know. We would love to see them in as many places as possible.

Here is one of the posters you will be seeing.

3. Bike the Bridge – Sunday 13 November

Have you registered yet for this fun, family event? Don’t miss out! Only once a year 4,000 lucky people can bike across our iconic North Harbour Bridge! You need to be 11 to bike over the Harbour Bridge, but there will be something for everyone on the day, with 4 different event options:

Bike the Bridge Round Trip (22km) – cross the bridge twice!

Bike the Bridge South Only (7km)

Bike the Bridge North Only (15km)

Bike the Busway Family Loop (4km loop)

You can register here. And you can also follow Bike the Bridge on facebook here.

4. Wellness Workshop – Saturday 15 October 10:30am

Our next Wellness Workshop will once again be held at the Commerce Club in Remuera. This workshop will look at practical ways to manage incontinence and will be facilitated by Continence Nurse Specialist, Janet Thackray. For more information talk to your Field Worker or call us on 845 5921.

The cost of $10 includes a morning tea. Please register at events@msakl.org.nz, or by phone: 845 5921.

Our September issue of Multiple News is due out later this month. Be sure to watch out for it for more stories, events, recipes, book reviews and more!

Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on facebook and check out our website.

Have a wonderful Spring, lovely people.

With warm wishes,

Ingrid Minett
General Manager
MS Auckland