Monday, October 15, 2018

e-newsletter October 2018

e-newsletter October 2018


“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it” 

The other day I saw a shop filled with Christmas decorations and I could just feel the stress build up inside me! It’s nearly Christmas and there is so much I still need to do before the year ends! And then I just had to stop and breathe. I can carry stuff well, most of the time. Often it is just a matter of slowing down, making time for me, and remembering to live in the moment and have fun.

I hope the coming months and the lead up to the holiday season is not too stressful for you and you get the chance to slow down and enjoy the moment too!

Thank you for taking the time to read our news and catch up with all the happenings in the MS Community.

We have a special event coming up at the end of November with two very interesting overseas speakers. I hope you are able to join us.

1. Special Event with International Guest Speakers – 26th November 7pm – Save the date!
2. Neuro Connection Open Day – 8th November
3. Family Carers – report commissioned by Carers NZ and the NZ Carers Alliance
4. Survey on Incontinence – Survey by Carers NZ to raise awareness and seek solutions
5. Advocating PHARMAC for better access to drug treatments
6. Win a Weighted Therapy Blanket valued at $1500
7. Wooden chopping boards for sale in support of MS Auckland
8. Street Appeal results for 2018
9. Christmas Lunch – save the date – Sunday 9th December


1. You are invited to a special event with international experts on MS – Monday 26th November
Professor Bill Carroll from Western Australia, the founding chair of the MS Australia Research Trust and Professor Mitchell Wallin from the USA, an expert on the global burden of MS, are coming to New Zealand. They are two of the speakers at an international conference on the Global Burden of Brain Disease being organised by AUT. The NZ MS Research trust is one of the sponsors of the event. They invited Professor Carroll and Professor Wallin to come speak to our MS community. We are very pleased that they have accepted this invitation.

We hope you will be able to join us for an evening with these two renowned experts. Please save the date and note the following:

Date: Monday 26th November 2018
Venue: Remuera Club Auckland, 27-33 Ohinerau Street, Remuera
Time: Doors will open at 7pm for a 7:30 start

Registration will be essential and entry will be by donation. Tea, coffee and nibbles will be available as well as a cash bar. We will be sending out more information along with speaker bios next month.

If you would like to register now you can do so by e-mailing events@msakl.org.nz with the heading – 26th November RSVP. Please provide your name and number of people attending.


2. Neuro Connection Foundation Open Day -  8th November 
Come along between 10am and noon on the 8th of November and find out more about the programmes available at the Neuro Connection Foundation in Henderson. More information available here


3. Family Carers Report
The following report commissioned by Carers NZ and the NZ Carers Alliance on “Paid Family Care Discussion: Funded Family Care and other schemes in New Zealand” is an excellent summary of the current situation in New Zealand. It is a lengthy report but will be of interest to families with a person at home requiring care.


For more information on Carers NZ, please go to their website - http://carers.net.nz/services/


4. Survey on Incontinence
We have been asked if we could help distribute the following information and link for a new survey to gather feedback about impacts relating to managing incontinence.

Continence issues affect 1.1 million New Zealanders. Carers NZ want to hear from you and your families, to help put together a national strategy for action.

Bladder and/or bowel problems affect one in four New Zealanders of all ages, and from all walks of life. The physical, emotional, and financial impact can be devastating for people living with incontinence. During the months of September/October, we will be gathering information on how it affects people and their families in New Zealand.

We are taking action on this because we want to formulate ways to offer better solutions and ways for New Zealanders. Urinary incontinence has recently been identified by the World Health Organisation as a major health issue in developed and developing nations. It is time for health agencies, especially the Health Funding Authority, to develop a national strategy to address this.

Currently, there are no national written standards for continence services in New Zealand or comprehensive training in the assessment and management of urinary incontinence. The financial cost for urinary incontinence has been estimated at 3,565 US dollars per year per person.

The information gathered will be used to raise awareness and seek solutions that work best for everyone, so please take the time to participate in our survey.



5. Advocating Pharmac for better access for drug treatments
Last month MS NZ put the push on Pharmac to review and update an ‘outdated and unfair’ funding criteria that has hundreds of people living with MS missing out on drugs which could provide them with a better future. If you missed out or would like to see it again please see the links below. Also if you have a story that you would like to share please contact your Field Worker or the MS office on info@msakl.org.nz.





6. Win a Weighted Therapy Blanket valued at $1500 Less than 3 weeks left to get your entry in to win this fabulous prize!
Weighted therapy has been shown to benefit people who are affected by a wide variety of conditions including multiple sclerosis, brain injury, stroke, spasticity, dementia, mental health conditions, sleep disorders and autism.

To enter simply like the MS Auckland and Allied Medical Facebook pages and email info@msakl.org.nz with why you would love to win this blanket. (If you are not on Facebook, you can still enter. Just let us know that you are not a Facebook user).

Click for more information and click to view the Somna range.

Competition closes November 2nd 2018 noon NZT.

Open to NZ residents only. Prize is one 8kg Somna Blanket. Full T’s and C’s listed on AML website.


7. Wooden chopping boards for sale in support of MS Auckland
Don McKenzie was once, many years ago, the president of MS Auckland. His wife had MS. Unfortunately she has passed away, but Don is continuing to support the work of MS Auckland through his hobby of wood craft. He is making beautiful chopping boards that he is offering to MS Auckland to sell, asking only to recover his cost, with MS Auckland keeping profits made.

These chopping boards will be great for your kitchen or as gifts. The attached flyer has all the information on how to purchase them.


8. Street Appeal Results for 2018
Our Annual street appeal is over for 2018. The weekend saw us raising $25,000. While this is significantly down on previous years, it is still a very welcome amount which will help support our work over the coming months. A big thank you to everyone who helped with collections and who donated. You are so very much appreciated!

If you didn’t see the street collectors this year and would like to donate please go to our Give-a-Little page https://givealittle.co.nz/org/msaucklandregion or make a donation directly into our bank account with your name and donation as the reference – 12 3047 0088939 01.

We will be looking at how we can do things next year to bring in an even better result. If you have any ideas or would like to help with our fundraising efforts please drop me a line on 09 845 5921 or e-mail me directly at Ingrid@msakl.org.nz. I would love to hear from you!

You may want to consider making automatic donations each month. That way with little effort you can continue to support the community services offered through Multiple Sclerosis Auckland and know you are making a valuable difference. We issue tax receipts each year for our regular donors and do hope it is something you might consider.

9. Christmas Lunch – Save the Date!
Our yearly Christmas lunch is a fun end of year celebration. Please save the date of Sunday 9th December. More information will be coming out next month.


Facebook and Website - If you haven’t already, please join us on Facebook for interesting stories and updates, and check out our website for more news, information and events.

Until next time,

Warmest wishes,

Ingrid Minett
General Manager