Donate and Help Stop MS!

Multiple Sclerosis Auckland relies on the support of generous donors as we only receive 8% of our funding from the Government, the rest of our funding is sourced from fundraising, generous donations and grants.



How your donation can help us;

$50 -      contributes to the invaluable support groups run throughout Auckland 

$75 -      helps newly diagnosed people and their families navigate their way through diagnosis
               with a Fieldworker visit

$100 -    helps fund our specialised MS hydrotherapy classes run throughout Auckland

$150 -    towards running counselling sessions with a specialised grief therapist tailored
               for people with MS

$200 -    contributes to our motivational and informative Minimise Fatigue Maximise Life
               course to support people with MS

$250 -    helps provide our Fieldworker service, offering home visits, advice, support, advocacy
               and so much more to people with MS and their families


Whichever way you choose to support us, every dollar donated will make a huge difference to people with Multiple Sclerosis living in Auckland.  

Thank you for your wonderful and generous support.


Donate by Cheque, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.

Give a regular gift, payroll give or leave a gift in your Will.


Please contact Mark at MS Auckland office to discuss the different options for regular giving. / (09) 845 5921


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“Days within my diagnoses my Field Worker met with me. She was simply, an angel of mercy. She handed to me walking aids and text books; both of which I really needed. She also told me about diet and lifestyle changes which I made. I will be forever thankful I had my Field Worker to enlighten me, because since making these changes I haven’t had any relapses. I walk normally, drive, and best of all am still able to work – basically lead an ordinary life and most importantly I have been able to stay out of the public health system. It is most definitely thanks to an extraordinary Field Worker who laid the cards out for me very early on the piece.”

P- West


In the words of this client with MS, “I am so very thankful for the support Multiple Sclerosis Auckland has given to me over the past few years, for doing their best to enhance the life of someone with MS, and also providing an opportunity for some much needed fun and a different life focus, away from my poor health. I don’t know how I would have coped without the help of MS Auckland and my Field Worker. She been amazing and I do not like to think of how my life would be without their support.”

J - South