We here at MS Auckland alongside our Pandemic committee are dedicated to keep you up-to-date on the latest information regarding COVID-19, which we hope you find useful.

One of the big stresses with this pandemic is supermarket shopping, to help alleviate this stress, Countdown have initiated a Priority Assistance Programme, allowing extra availability of delivery options for those in high need of assistance. Click here for further information on how you can access this benefit, along with previous information;

– a full overview of MS and COVID -19, from MSNZ and Australian and NZ neurologists

Current information from MS Nurses and Auckland DHB

– Information on essential and non essential services for disability support service providers

A big shout out to Countdown! Thank you!

Please do pass this information on if you know anyone with MS that may not have access to email, keep in touch and a community advisor is available on (09) 845-5921 if you have any concerns.

Keep safe