Our next course starts September 2018 - Bookings are essential, please get in touch
Navigating Multiple Sclerosis - Dealing with Loss and Building Hope

These sessions are for groups of six to eight and are facilitated by a specialist grief therapist.   

Six weeks of group counselling, two hour sessions covering the following topics:

  • Grief and loss
  • Work
  • Dealing with ‘overwhelm’
  • Family, friends and socialising – secondary losses
  • Relationships and intimacy
  • Building a future – meaning making and hope

Please get in touch with your Fieldworker if you are interested in attending the course. 


Feedback from previous counselling courses:

“Making new friends and talking to like-minded people”

“I think everything we talked about is great”

“I am not alone. I am not mad. Others feel the same”

“Really enjoyed the session”

“I would recommend this for further MS groups. It helped everyone”

“This course has been an eye opener”

“Lots of information gained. Helped with acceptance”

“Life can still be rewarding. It’s not the end of the road to be diagnosed with MS”