Introducing Becky Tucker, our amazing Administrator and Volunteer Coordinator!

How long have you worked at MS Auckland? 4 years…ish

How has MS Auckland changed since you first started? We are still a small team, there have been a few changes of Community Advisors over the years.  I believe MS Auckland is becoming more robust as an organisation and we are thinking ahead and of the bigger picture  – times are changing fast and we have the team to be able to adapt. 

What has been your favourite project at MS Auckland? Enjoyed implementing the new CRM System this year and its fantastic to see what a difference it is going to make to our CA’s on the road and also in the office.  It will make everything far more streamlined.  This could be my favourite because it was the last project I have worked on and the rest is buried deep in my memory though.

How do you balance your job at MS Auckland and family life? I am very lucky to have a great boss that helps me out there!  I work part-time hours, so it is easier to manage than if I was working full time and I like to be busy!  My kids are more grown-up now since I first started so ‘family life’ is a different busy now. Mainly spent in the car as a taxi service…

Best vacation ever? Ohhh that is a hard question, I love holidays.  I absolutely loved my last ‘big’ holiday in America, where we got a small taste of California and Nevada.  Again, this could be because it is the ‘freshest’ in my memory!

What famous person would you invite for dinner, and why? Ohh another toughie, so many.  But today it would be Michael Buble – because he is hysterical, good looking, charming and he can sing.