Wellness Workshop - Cognitive Issues

Date: Saturday 30 September 2017

More about the Workshop:

People with MS often experience mild to moderate changes in their thinking abilities and feel that their thinking is ‘not what it used to be’. Changes in cognitive functioning can be an effect of brain changes (which are different for everyone) and can be exacerbated by other symptoms of MS, such as fatigue and sleep problems.
Cognitive changes can be frustrating, make us feel less confident in ourselves, and sometimes lead to us withdrawing from daily activities or social situations. However, more often than not, people with MS are able to develop effective ways for managing these cognitive changes, adapt to their circumstances, and live productive, fulfilling lives. Learning skills early on to compensate for cognitive changes can be especially important to maintaining cognitive abilities as MS progresses.


About the Facilitator:

Dr John Davison is a senior clinical psychologist with experience in both clinical and academic positions in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.
He currently works at Middlemore Hospital, where he provides psychological and neuro-psychological assessment and rehabilitation for adults and families adjusting to medical and neurological disorders. He also provides staff consultation and training.
John completed his Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at the University of Auckland, in collaboration with Harvard University/Mass General Hospital. He has recently published a casebook, which consists of a collection of case studies illustrating evidence-based assessment and therapy by clinical psychologists in Singapore.