MS Auckland welcomes Zeosoft

Date: Tuesday 24 September 2019 to Wednesday 01 July 2020

We are so excited to have become one of the community partners for Zeosoft natural skincare products. For us choosing an organisation to partner with meant finding one whose values and core principles matched ours. Zeosoft ticked all the boxes.

Zeosoft provides a range of 100% natural cleansers, made with unique New Zealand minerals. The active mineral is Soft Zeolite which is only found in the geothermal areas of New Zealand. MS Auckland welcomes Zeosoft. Soft Zeolite has special properties that cleanse and detoxify the skin plus removes odours. Combined with natural ingredients and essential oils, they create a skin cleansing range like no other.

There are two ranges – Zeosoft natural, which provides skin cleansers, face scrubs and body bars, and Magic Mud – which provides products to lift off dirt, grease, oil, paint, chemicals and smells from hands, clothes, BBQs, Men and more! And best of all, all Zeosoft products contain no nasties, including no parabens, no colourants, no artificial fragrances, and no microbeads – just all natural ingredients! The products are also ‘Environmentally Positive’ as they continue to remove contaminants when washed away.

A number of the people in the office have been fortunate to try samples of the products and we are all sold on them! You can now support MS every time you purchase a Zeosoft product online. Up to 40% of the sale will go to support MS community services.

The Zeosoft range can be found at and the Magic Mud range can be found at

NOTE: Be sure to put in MS into the promotion/coupon box as the organisation you support when you make your purchase so we can track the sale.